The Original Airfort Build a Fort in 30 Seconds, Inflatable Fort for Kids (Mod about Gray)

  • ✅ BUILD IN SECONDS, PLAY FOR HOURS - No Assembly Required. AirFort inflates in less than 30 seconds, sets up and cleans up in no time, no Pillows, no Sheets, no Mess! The AirFort Size is 77" wide x 50" tall.
  • ✅ DURABLE AND BREATHABLE CONSTRUCTION - Perfect for Parties, Playdates & Sleepovers! AirFort is big enough to accommodate lots of guests! At 6.5 ft. in diameter and over 4 ft tall, AirFort is roomy so no one gets left out. Invite all your friends!
  • ✅ THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME - Honest tech-free constructive play that helps bring out your child's ever growing imagination. At AirFort we believe that fun brings the family together.
  • ✅ SAFE, WORRY-FREE FORTS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES - Child Safety Tested and Approved. No floor for an easy entrance and exit, viewing window for kids to see in and out, and mesh fan divider.
  • ✅ WORKS WITH ANY STANDARD BOX FAN - Includes: The Original Patented AirFort, Matching Carrying Bag, 4 Adhesive Square Fan Tabs, Easy to Read Instruction / Safety Manual. (BOX FAN NOT INCLUDED)

Product Description

AIR FORT - If you need a break from messy furniture forts, we've got your answer! The AIR FORT is the first kid's fort to hit the market that inflates in seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan. It’s really COOL STUFF! When inflated, the AIR FORT is large fitting several kids and adults and their toys and games. When deflated, the AIR FORT stuffs into its own matching carrying bag the size of a folded pair of jeans, taking up no storage space! Have fun in the "coolest" fort you've ever built!

The Instant Play Fort

The AIR FORT inflates in less than 30 seconds. When kids are ready to build a playhouse or kids fort, simply attach your AIR FORT to a fan and you're ready to go! An AWESOME Pop Up Tent! No cushions, blankets, or pillows needed. Create a mess-free indoor play fort quickly and easily. When bedtime hits, unless a slumber party calls, all you have to do is stuff your AIR FORT back into its matching carrying bag and you're done. The carrying bag is small and takes up almost no storage space!

The AIR FORT is great to bring to a friend's house or take on a family road trip. Kids of all ages love it, but the adults might love it even more because it's easy to set up and even easier to put away. Plus, the AIR FORT is Child Safety Tested and Approved!

A Big Fort In A Small Package

At 6.5 ft. in diameter and over 4 ft. tall, the AIR FORT is large enough to fit several kids and adults. Big enough for kids and their toys, blankets, pillows and games. The perfect size fort to encourage hours of fun and independent playtime.

A BIG fort that fits into a tiny package, really important when it's time to put your AIR FORT away. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, the AIR FORT, when stuffed back into its matching carrying bag, weighs only 24 oz. and is smaller in size than a folded pair of jeans!

No Floor for Easy Entry & Exit

The AIR FORT magically hovers just above the ground which allows for easy entry and exit by simply lifting any edge of the fort. The no-floor design is what makes the AIR FORT so unique.

Viewing Window & Materials

The AIR FORT includes a large viewing window allowing kids to see out and adults to see in. The lightweight material is more breathable than a bed sheet and Child Safety Tested & Approved!

Mesh Divider

The AIR FORT contains a mesh divider that prevents access to the fan from inside Fort. The mesh divider also diffuses the air flow so it's not windy inside the AIR FORT and kids can play.

Our Mission: Maximize the Fun!

At AIR FORT, we believe that bringing fun into the family household brings the family together. We pride ourselves in the quality of the Air Fort and as a toy that kids will play with for years to come. We believe, that for a fort to be played with often, it needs to be easy and convenient. The AIR FORT is the most convenient and easy fort available. Kids and adults everywhere absolutely love the AIR FORT and that's why we do it!

Additionally, parents have shared with us that fort making and play tents can be helpful for children with sensory issues or autism. There are not too many sensory toys for autistic children on the market today and if the AIR FORT can be a helpful toy for girls and boys with autism or other sensory issues, then we have done something extra good we can be proud of!

Get To Know The Inventors

Describe your product in 3 words.

Greatest Kids Escape

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

When my dad was in 6th grade he got in big trouble for peeing in the neighbors’ pool. As his punishment he was put on restriction and that is when he built his very first AIR FORT! He used a sheet and weighted the perimeter with shoes and used safety pins to attach the sheet to a fan. When my dad and mom had my three sisters and me, he one day decided to pull out my mom’s old sewing machine and make us girls our very first AIR FORT. It was a HUGE hit!! We took it to friends’ houses and sleepovers, and everyone loved it! In 2015, after graduating from college, my dad and I sat down together and decided we wanted to go for it in making the AIR FORT a reality for everyone else! Here we are today!

What makes your product special?

The Air Fort has become the toy kids use to play with all their other toys. With an ordinary household appliance, a box fan, in seconds kids can create the coolest fort and play tent they’ve ever built. And when they are done, in seconds it stuffs into its own carrying bag ready for the next play date or sleepover!

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best part, by far, is being a father/daughter team. Getting to work together every day is not a challenge, it has drawn us even closer. Our motto has always been that if it’s not fun, we fix it! One of our favorite parts of creating the AIR FORT is seeing the excitement kids get when they play in the fort. We can’t wait for the day when we overhear a perfect stranger talking about the Air Fort, the kid’s toy we have been dreaming about creating our entire lives.

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