Polo Belt | Handmade by Master Artisans | Gift Boxed Argentine Gaucho Belts | Hand Stitched Argentinian Leather

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The Sierra Belt - The Sierra polo belt offers a touch of pure class and luxury to any attire. Sleek and professional, the Sierra belt retains a strong presence that makes a lasting impression. The Sierra Belt is inspired by the three ranges of mountains with fertile river valleys in the Andean highland region. The grey and cream combinations represents the snow-capped mountains whilst the more icy tones of the threads capture the chilling rivers.
Premium Quality Hand-Made with Genuine Leather -Each Pampeano belt is a treasured gift that is made to last a lifetime. Each belt is hand-crafted in Argentina using the finest graded leather and lovingly hand-woven with colourful waxed-dipped threads. Our leather is hand-selected in Argentina by highly skilled craftsmen for its thickness, smoothness and perfect quality. It is then vegetable-tanned and tumbled in a lengthy and traditional process using only natural dyes, creating exquisite buttery results. Our colourful threads have been waxed-dipped to prevent from any tears or frays within the belt.
Pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, a province of Argentina famously known for its vast rugged plains and beautiful estancias. A rich heritage of unrivalled horsemanship and traditional leather work, pampeano has become a luxury brand after starting in the polo fields of central Argentina. Here at pampeano we offer exceptionally crafted polo belts and leather goods to those who share a passion for the South American lifestyle of quality and freedom.
We can’t put a lifetime guarantee on these belts, but this belt has been made to last a lifetime. Made for life, made for you.