Mfi Certified 512GB Photo-Stick-For-Iphone-Storage Iphone-Memory Iphone USB for Photos Iphone USB Flash Drive Memory for Ipad External Iphone Storage Iphone Thumb Drive for Ipad Photo Stick

  • 🎁🎇 【MFi CERTIFIED IPHONE FLASH DRIVE FASTLY FREE UP SPACE OF IPHONE IPAD WITH 512GB EXTERNAL STORAGE】 If you have almost used up all space on your iPhone or iPad, this photo stick for iPhone helps alleviate being at full storage with 512GB. And iPhone usb for photos is also a great tool for traveling photographers editing on iPad. Using this iPhone memory product, there is no worries, no problems with the iPhone storage any more!
  • 🎁🎇 【WATCH MOVIES VIEW PHOTOS PLAY MUSIC DIRECTLY FROM THE IPHONE FLASH DRIVE】Store your favorite videos, audios, music to this photo stick for iPhone, then plug and play seamlessly on your iPhone or iPad from the app any time any where. No need Internet or WiFi any more. This iPhone storage allows to play videos with many different formats. And the stored pictures by iPhone memory support different formats, too. Great way to store all your pictures and videos by this external iPhone storage
  • 🎁🎇【PHOTOS VIDEOS AND CONTACTS BACKUP EASILY STABLY AND FASTLY BY PHOTO STICK FOR IPHONE】 I’m sure your photos and videos, contacts are precious to you, and as such this iPhone memory will be essential to back them up.The APP of this iPhone storage is easy to install and easy to use. This iPhone usb for photos is easy to backup the photos, videos, contacts of your iPhone/iPad by One-Click from the APP, you can also store your own backup on your computer with the USB side for Double Insurance.
  • 🎁🎇【HIGH-SPEED TRANSMISSION WITH USB 3.0 PHOTO STICK FOR IPHONE】 With the MFi certified quality and USB 3.0 Port, the iPhone storage has high speed and stability to transfer large size files. Transfer Speed of USB Flash Drive for iPhone: USB 3.0 Port, read 80MB/s, write 40MB/s; L Port: read 15MB/s, write 10MB/s. Maybe your capacity is sufficient but a larger capacity with the iPhone memory would be much more nice and convenient.
  • 🎁🎇【COMPATIBILITY & 18 MONTHS WARRANTY OF THE iPHONE MEMORY】iPhone Photo stick supports all iOS devices with L Port: iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max,12 Mini, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE, XR, Xs, Xs Max, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6S, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air series, iPad Pro series(NOTE: 12.9 inch and 11 inch iPad Pro with type-c port not supported), iPod, Macbook, PC & laptops. iPhone storage gives 18 MONTHS WARRANTY AND 24 HOURS ONLINE AFTER-SALES SERVICE.

Product Description

With Apple MFi,the iPhone photo stick Offers More External Space for iPhone,iPad,iPod & Computers, More Stable And Faster Transmission

  • Photos/Videos Taking and Storage
  • Videos/Music Playing
  • File Management and Transmission
  • Contacts Backup and Restore

USB Flash Drive for iPhone has Apple MFi quality chips and Real Full Capacity Memory, the iPhone drive Memory Stick has stable and fast transfer Speed:

USB 3.0 Port:: read 80MB/s, write 40MB/s;

Lightning Port: read 15MB/s, write 10MB/s.


For a better experience, please remove the iPhone protective cases if necessary before using this photo stick for iPhone.

If you've used iCloud before to back up your files, you'll need to download the files from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad and then copy them to iPhone usb flash drive.

Due to DRM (Digital Rights Management), we cannot transfer Music or Video files in iTunes or downloaded by the 3rd APP to this iPhone storage.

iPhone external storage DOES NOT support the latest version of 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 11 inch iPad Pro which with USB-C port.

Free up space and expand our iPhone Storage

Take this iPhone backup storage, free up photos/videos from our iPhone (so easy and fast), then go to take lots of pictures and videos on our upcoming vacation or to an event/festival where we might take a lot of photos/videos and we can fill up the external iPhone flash drive instead of our External Storage Thumb Drive for iPhone

Will Not miss any wonderful moments.

Automatically back up photos and videos

Our iPhone holds some of our most cherished memories. All we need to do is plug in the iPhone USB Flash Drive and it automatically backs up our latest photos, videos and contacts for us. So we can rest assured that even if we lose our phone, we’ve got the memories that matter most.

Watch Video Directly

This iPhone thumb driveallows to play videos with many different formats. Store your favorite movies or TV programs on iPhone memory stick. Played on the phone via iPhone flash drive at any time, and no need Internet or Wi-Fi. 128GB capacity allow you to store a lot of photos and videos on the photo stick mobile for iphone.

Great gift for Apple Users!

Take this iPhone backup storage, free up photos/videos from our iPhone (so easy and fast), then go to take lots of pictures and videos on our upcoming vacation or to an event/festival where we might take a lot of photos/videos and we can fill up the external iPhone flash drive instead of our iPhone storage.Flash drive for iphone storage with Elegant& special packing, perfect as gift to your loves and friends. Suitable for all kinds of festivals.

Format Friendly iPhone Thumb Drive

The usb iphone flash driveuses a 2-in-1 linker design, which is more convenient for data transfer between different devices, let you switch easily storage space. Perfectly equipped with Lightning, USB 3.0 Port for wide compatibility, seamlessly moves files across iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Windows computers. The iPhone external hard drive supports a variety of format files, making it more versatile and no longer limiting the freedom of transmission.

Convenient Tool for Business!

With this iPhone memory, it will be more convenient when we need to show business document/files to others.

Insert the iPhone usb for photos to transfer music, pictures, videos and ring tones from Windows laptop, computer in less time than adding items to iTunes and click sync (while hoping it works and worrying about some of the file formats being rejected by iTunes)

We can also edit or rename folders or documents stored in the iPhone flash drive for easy reference.

Media Formats Supported:





NOTE: For iOS 11 or above and iPhone 7 or above devices, the default photos or videos format is HEIC, HEVC or MOV, these are only read by iOS or Mac system devices.

This iPhone Photo Stick remains the original information in the backup or tranfer, will not change any information such as Format, shooting time or size. But these format may not be supported by Windows computers, please install the associated viewer or player on Windows computers to view.

For iPhone / iPad : Need to download the free APP "JD Drive” from APP Store.

For Computer ( no matter Windows computer, or Apple computer, since they have USB port, they would be supported), No need to install any app, it doesn’t have the one click backup function, we need to do it manually if we want to back up or transfer photos from them.

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